Furuno LH-3000 30W Loud Hailer

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The Furuno LH-3000 is a high-performance 30 watt loud hailer with an intercom function. The LH-3000 is designed for a wide variety of ships, requiring high quality onboard and ship-to-ship communications under almost all circumstances. Solidly built and waterproof, the LH-3000 contains a high quality built-in speaker and a microphone. On its front panel, there are easy-to-see states indicators. By generating voice or eight internationally acknowledged warning signals from the horns, the LH-3000 notifies nearby vessels of your presence and status regardless of visibility conditions. The LH-3000 can also function as an intercom, when connected to optional intercom speakers. Up to four intercoms can be connected for two-way communication between the bridge and one or all intercom stations. The LH-3000 can be connected to various equipment to enable useful functions. When connected to an external alarm unit, the LH-3000 can function as a security alarm. An auxiliary audio input allows transmission of music or other external audio signals (from CD player, radio, etc.) to the intercom speakers and external horns. Standard Features: 30 Watt Forward and Aft Station Hailer Output Ports (20 Watt Hardware Selectable) LED indicators alert you to equipment status Backlit keypad for nighttime operation Smartly designed and intuitive front panel for ease of operation. Built-in High Quality Speaker for Intercom and Hailer Listen capability Alarm Siren Capability External Speaker Output Six Automatic International Hailer Warning Signals Consisting of: UNWY - Vessel Underway in reduced visibility SAIL - Vessel Under Sail in reduced visibility TOW - Vessel Under Tow in reduced visibility STOP - Stationary Vessel in reduced visibility ANCH - Vessel at Anchor in reduced visibility AGND- Vessel Aground in reduced Visibility Manually Controlled "YELP" and " On/Off" Hailer Warning Signals Four Remote Intercom Stations allow two-way communication between Master and Individual Remote stations or all remote stations simultaneously Auxiliary audio input allows transmission of music or other external audio signals (from cassette player, CD player, radio, etc.) to the intercom speakers, external horns or both Waterproof Frontal Area to IPX5 and USCG CFR-46 (Not waterproof from rear panel) Cosmetic "Family-Look" to FM3000 and other Furuno Products Removable screw terminal connectors on rear panel provide easy removal, installation, and system testing Gimbal Base Mount is included; bezel allows flush mount with provided cut-out template Power Requirements: 12VDC(+/-20%), 5 Amps Max, 280 mA in standby Notes: The LH3000 is not supplied with a power cable The LH3000 requires hardwiring external components that are not supplied by Furuno. These external components consist of Hailer Horns, Intercom Speakers, External Audio Inputs, etc.
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