Ancor 22-18G 100PC Red Butt Connector Heat Shrink Red

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Cross Linked polyolefin tubing is much stronger than PVC tubing and will not burn like PVC. Heat activated adhesive lining provides impervious seal to salt water, oil, acids, and sunlight as well as providing strain relief. Nylon insulator, preferred by experts, for Marine Grade™ resistance to sunlight, water, oil, chemicals, vibration and cut-through damage. UL Listed and CSA Recognized Highest shrink ratio - shrinks to 1/3 original size. Shrinks at 257° F/125° C. Operating temperature range 40° C to 110° C. ANCOR heat shrink connectors offer heat activated adhesive built into the sleeve of the heat shrink tubing Shrinks to form a water tight seal and the ultimate vibration and strain relief. Tinned for corrosion resistance. Pure copper for maximum current flow. Brazed seam for maximum strength. Wire Range mm Qty/Pkg Part No 12-10 3-5 500 309202 12-10 3-5 100 309299 16 - 14 1-2 100 309199 16 - 14 1-2 500 309102 22 - 18 0.3-0.8 500 309002 22 - 18 0.3-0.8 100 309099
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